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The Starbridges are three-dimensional works of art. These works resemble models of titanic vessels the size of Manhattan Island that range far and wide across the vastness of the cosmos, bridging the distances between the galaxies.

They move populations to settle distant planets. They transport materials, make voyages of discovery and patrol the universe to maintain the peace.

I imagine the central plinths to be hundreds of stories high containing the command and control area, the living quarters and the cargo.

Modules radiating out contain the mechanisms that create the energy that propels the vessels at unimaginable speeds.


Years ago, I stumbled upon the work of Naum Gabo. His ability to produce three dimensional parabolic shapes by the intersection of straight wire appealed to something in my psyche.

I began experimenting with creating designs that were pleasing to my eye and could be constructed with materials I was able to manipulate.

The results are the Starbridges that I make. When I began constructing them I had no conscious objective in mind. I did it, I guess, as a form of meditation.

As it turned out they became Mandalas of a sort, and as I gazed at them they explained themselves as journeys into unknown reaches of outer space - that is the unconscious. In fact many years prior to establishing this series a dream came to me foretelling the existence of the Starbridges. Not until thirty years after the dream and the creation of this work had I made the association.

Folks ask me how I can concentrate so intently and create such compulsive structures. I respond that it all comes from years of counting ceiling tiles and not stepping on cracks.

Bob Schwarz

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